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Fire drill 2023


Latest company news about Fire drill 2023

In order to make the company's employees understand the basic knowledge of fire prevention, improve the awareness of safety precautions, increase the power of self-love, grasp the fire emergency response, escape skills, learn to extinguish fires and orderly evacuation of people and property, to ensure the safety of employees' lives and property safety, October 8, 2023, the company organized a fire training and drill activities.


The drill was conducted in an urgent and orderly manner and achieved a successful victory. Through this fire drill, not only united all the staff, but also grasped the general operation and use of fire extinguishing equipment steps and methods, and further improve the staff and leasing personnel to deal with the unexpected power.


At 10:30 a.m., the company organized a conference room for all employees to learn fire fighting, including the importance and necessity of fire fighting, the meaning of the safety signboard, the classification of fire extinguishers, the scope of application and so on.


Through the fire drill, the staff's sense of prevention and the power of emergency self-help was strengthened.


Through this fire drill, the staff's precautionary awareness and self-rescue power are further added, and understand and grasp the basic operation of how to recognize the critical situation and how to implement the necessary emergency measures, so as to arrive at a quick, orderly, punctual, and effective effect in an accident. We will often carry out training or drills to improve the emergency rescue skills of our branch staff and emergency response comprehensive literacy, effectively reduce the harm of accidents, cut accident losses, to ensure the company's safe, healthy and orderly progress.


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