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Energy Absorbing Portable Vehicle Barriers for Interception Warning

Energy Absorbing Portable Vehicle Barriers for Interception Warning

Interception Portable Vehicle Barriers

Aluminum Iron Portable Vehicle Barriers

Interception Portable Vehicle Barricades

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Product Details
Aluminum Iron
A Unit Of 3 Sets Or A Unit Of 2 Sets
Absorb Impact Force And Increase Friction
Warning, Interception
Assembly And Disassembly
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
wooden box 15units 40-inch containers
Delivery Time
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T
Supply Ability
30unit per1 month
Product Description

Assembly And Disassembly Interception Warning Energy-Absorbing Package Portable Vehicle Barricades

Product Description

Musashi is a new type of large-scale vehicle interception device designed by Japan. Its volume and weight are larger than those of the same series. Placed in the restricted area of the road, and used with the LED arrow board, can remind the driver that the road is prohibited. If a vehicle breaks into the restricted area, it can also be effectively stopped. Especially in the process of road construction, accidents are prone to occur. This new type of interception device can effectively absorb the energy generated by the collision of the vehicle, reduce the impact force, force the vehicle to stop, and minimize accident injuries.


Energy Absorbing Portable Vehicle Barriers for Interception Warning 0

The product is fixed with high-strength screws. The exterior adopts the electrostatic spraying process, and the absorption part is the absorption aluminum material that has passed the safety test, and the shock absorption effect is obvious. The non-slip rubber plate is installed at the bottom to increase friction with the ground. The absorption part of the device is pasted with a safety reflective film, and an LED arrow board can be installed on the top to enhance the warning effect.


Parking principle

After being impacted, Musashi used its specially designed structure to lift the front wheels of the vehicle, causing the impacted vehicle to lose its forward momentum. The friction between the rubber plate at the bottom of the device and the ground increases, forcing the vehicle to stop forcibly.

Energy Absorbing Portable Vehicle Barriers for Interception Warning 1


Product test items

This product has passed the car crash test in AISICO, Italy, and fully complies with the requirement that large vehicles stop at a safe distance without causing serious harm to the driver.


Energy Absorbing Portable Vehicle Barriers for Interception Warning 2
Test content and results: A 2300kg car hit the device head-on at a speed of 70km/h, and the car was forced to stop after driving 36 meters.
The test results show that the damage to the vehicle is very small, only the front bumper is slightly sunken, which does not affect the normal use of the vehicle.


The internal absorbent material has high shock absorption capacity. It has obtained an invention patent (Patent No.: ZL 2006 1 0057817.8), and has passed safety tests overseas.



Product advantages

1. Compared with the same series of products, the weight and volume of the equipment are larger. Stability and effect are better.
2. There is a shock absorber at the bottom of the product, which can withstand greater impact.

Energy Absorbing Portable Vehicle Barriers for Interception Warning 3
3. There is an energy-absorbing package on the top of the product to absorb impact.
4. Wheels are installed at the bottom of the product. Although this product is heavy, it is not difficult to move.

Energy Absorbing Portable Vehicle Barriers for Interception Warning 4
5. There is a special rubber plate at the bottom, which can increase the friction with the ground during the impact movement.
6. Assembled and disassembled, convenient for storage and transportation.

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